Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Almost ready to leave...??!!!!

Well today around 5:30 am I decided to check out the United website just for kicks to see if there were any other flights that I could get on with my miles....and there was!  So instead of going down to Atlanta Thursday night and waking up around 3 am to be at the airport by 4 to leave at 5:30 am to go up to Washington DC for a 10 hour layover until my flight to London left at 6pm...... all on United.....I now leave from Atlanta around 6pm straight to Frankfurt with a 4 hour layover- on Lufthansa!  (Still in Business class!!!)  I'm pretty excited...if only I can get all this packing and cleaning done....


  1. We know you are excited to be going to your favorite city and wish you all the best for a successful year. Your cats wish they could go with you, but alas, they're stuck with "grandma". Have a blast!,