Saturday, September 15, 2012

My room

Well, after going through baggage and immigration the fastest ever in my life anywhere (seriously!) I caught a taxi and came to Lillian Penson Hall!  A taxi because it's worth the money to be driven to your door, and I was exhausted after being up for about 20 hours or something ridiculous.

So it's interesting...definitely not what I'm used to from any school/city I've ever been to/lived in- Evansville, UTK, DC, Arlington.... and definitely not like home!

I kind of feel like it's the Shining or something creepy like that....or a pay by the hour motel.  But the room is clean and so is the bathroom for all they look....interesting...  :)

 small closet
 view of room from the door
 my bed and wardrobe .... those of you who know me, know that this will be hard!
view from my window- the nice view, the rest is just street

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