Thursday, September 20, 2012

Overdue- First few days in London!

Well I've now been in London for 5 days.  This is crazy!  I still can't get it out of my head tat I will be here until July 1st... I feel like I'll be leaving in a few days, like a normal tourist!  Which is why I haven't been packing my days full of museums and other activities like that because I can spread it out over the next year instead of trying to do everything I can possibly stuff into an 8-hour day!

So the last few days have basically been getting to know people in my building as well as other UCL students, since many of the students in my hall seem to be at King's College (It's intercollegiate, not UCL housing).

I did go to the British Museum with a group of people on Tuesday, as well as a pub afterwards.  That was a fun afternoon- got to know some other people at school!  So far, from activities and meals at the hall I've met people from Greece, Brasil, Finland, Iran, Germany, Spain, England, the US, Singapore, and Canada.  I love it here!
This is in front of the British Museum
I've walked down to Oxford Street from my housing- it;s only like a 10 minute walk, no getting lost this time!  The first time I tried to walk back from shopping I got horribly lost, but ended up in Tony Blair's neighborhood- the cars in that square were Range Rovers, BMWs, Audis, one tiny purple Mini, and a Maserati.  No wonder there were armed guards around!

That's about it so far, I've just been hanging out getting my room cleaned up and organized, walking around the neighborhood to buy diet cokes and non-refrigerated food since we're not allowed mini fridges :(   

I did go to a little bit of the orientation today, it was okay if slightly boring.  Once you've done one orientation you've pretty much done them all!  Everything is online anyways.  I'll be going back to enrol tomorrow.  Last important things left on my list are getting a bank account and registering at a doctor's office! Fun times!

Oh, and while on Oxford Street on my way home from shopping, I saw a girl get hit by a bus.  Just like in the movies (Except n being run over), she looked left (Traffic was coming from the right) and stepped out, and bam the bus hit her, she flew to the side like 3 feet and fell to the ground.  As far as I know she was fine, by the time traffic cleared and I left the area, she was sitting up looking dazed.

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