Saturday, September 15, 2012

Plane pictures!

Well the internet onboard the transatlantic flight was way to slow to add photos, and then I took more so enjoy!   It;s okay to be jealous...I'm jealous of myself because I will probably never fly business again :(

 chicken salad for appetizer- cold bits of chicken with some poppyseed dressing- pretty good!
 main dish- potato gnocchi- with some sort of tomato things that I didn't like
 dessert- chocolate mouse! delicious!

 About to take off from Frankfurt.

 I was going to sleep on the flight to London from Frankfurt, but this came around in Business I decided to stay awake
 except I didn't eat first because it's purple, and that's just weird .  Secondly because the man sitting next to me told me that little orange part between the white and greenish stuff was smoked salmon- disgusting!  And so he said it was probably some sort of cream cheese dish or something.  So I just ate my cake and pretzel bread!

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