Friday, September 28, 2012

Surfin' USA in London! The Beach Boys- September 28, 2012

As many of you may know from Facebook- I went and saw The Beach Boys last night at Royal Albert Hall!  It was super exciting, 1. because I was seeing The Beach Boys- duh...  and 2. I have never been to the Royal Albert Hall!  I thought my ticket would have bad seating because it was the last seat in the last row of the last tier of seats.  But I was smack in the middle and could see everything, hear everything, and it was amazing!!!
View from my seat
The concert itself started a little late- maybe a last minute spat between them or something...who knows?!

I was initially apprehensive going into the concert because I've heard all of these guys sing and they weren't really the best.  Well, it was a little rusty starting out, but it ended up amazing!  Their singing, harmonizing, with instruments, without instruments....I couldn't stop smiling!

2nd to last time they will be like this!

(Apologies in the videos for any talking and/or singing...the seats were pretty close together)

Highlight of my night was hearing my two favorite Beach Boys songs (Which is silly saying that really, since all of their songs are amazing!)

(The singing you may hear is really the guy sitting next to me)

Also, I will not be posting Kokomo, because apparently while my cell phone camera will not zoom, it will pick up sounds better and so you can hear my ....amazing... singing voice... so it stays on my computer.
                                              ^God Only Knows

                                                ^Wouldn't It Be Nice
                                              ^Surfin' USA

The Brits sure do know how to dance to The Beach Boys' Music!
                                       ^Good Vibrations (That annoying ooo sounds you around 0:52 is the guy next to me- he really, really likes The Beach Boys)
                                             ^Little Deuce Coup Medley (Sorry it's can't see them anyways)


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  1. What a great looking show! My Dad would have loved to attended this :)