Saturday, September 15, 2012

Update from 35000 feet! And Frankfurt.

Well this has turned into a pretty decent flight so far!  We're still over North America, about to head out over the ocean , somewhere over some Canadian places I've never heard of...

The plane is wonderful, I love business class!  I got to board early, I got a glass of champagne, and my seat is wonderful!  I could lay almost flat and there is a massage function which felt very nice.

Frankfurt airport: quite a long walk from arriving until gate B- and another longish walk and trip through security to find the business class lounge, which is pretty warm (not in a good way...) and very very crowded.  So I have a few hours to spend here, hopefully I can figure out why my converter/adapter isn't working so I can plug in my laptop...  Next post from London!!

(pictures of plane posted later)

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