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Canterbury Cathedral 20 Oct 2012

Apologies for not keeping up with my blog!  I'm finally starting to study some....

Last weekend was super busy, mainly in terms of traveling.  On the 20th of October I went to Canterbury with a couple of friends which was super fun!  And on the 21st I went to Brighton with another friend.  Brighton was really cool because I had never been before, but Canterbury was fun because the last time I was there I was on a tour and so everything was timed.  So. Canterbury first.

We left London around 11ish since we missed the train we wanted by about 1 min.  Literally 1 min...  It's about a 1 1/2 hour train ride give or take, which is nice, and it was a direct train- no changing anywhere which is always nice.  We got there and the first thing we did was look for something to eat since we missed brunch, and it was lunch time when we got into town.  We ended up at a pizza hut because it was fast, and who doesn't love pizza hut pizza?  We had looked at a couple of other places, but paying 10 bucks for a a main dish at a Mexican restaurant just doesn't sit well with me...

So we walked on to the Cathedral since that was the main reason we traveled there.  Like the first time I went, this Cathedral is magnificent!  You go through this archway and it's like BAM! 1000 year old Cathedral!    Even if you're not studying history (like the 3 of us are) it's still really amazing to look at it and think, damn. this has been here for 1000 years.

Stepping inside is like a time warp, (If you ignore all of the tourists and displays, etc...) The stained glass windows are amazing and the stonework is phenomenal. (Yes I realize that it sounds like I'm using a thesaurus, but there are just so many words to describe this place!)  The way that you're supposed to go is in a big circle around the cathedral and then there's the crypt in the middle.  So that's what we did.  There's a lot of really cool burial memorial/stone coffins of archbishops, the shrine of Thomas a Beckett (St. Thomas a Beckett), King Henry IV and his wife Joan of Navarre, Edward the Black Prince , etc... so as someone studying European History (Or really any history, or any subject...) this place is really, really cool.

The spot where Thomas a Beckett was murdered
Where the shrine to Thomas a Beckett used to be
King Henry IV and Joan of Navarre
The Black Prince

 Most of the following pictures are of the older sections of the cathedral and of the Norman Ruins which I did not get to see on my tour 4 years ago, so it was pretty cool.

  We also wandered around looking for the Canterbury Tales museum, which was supposedly very cheesy but very awesome, but it cost like 6-8 pounds so we decided to skip that.  I might go back in the Spring, who knows?   At that point, the 2 people I was with went on to the Norman castle and I went back to London to have dinner with an old CISV friend I hadn't seen since our interchange in 2000!  I know it's crazy right?  Since I've been here I've seen 2 of the British people from my interchange that I haven't seen in 12 years, and 1 person I haven't seen in 14 years, who was one of the JCs in my village in 1998.  Yes 1998.  A long time ago.

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