Friday, October 5, 2012

Hampton Court---> First week of classes!

Well last week I decided to indulge my love of all things Tudor and head off to Hampton Court, the favorite palace of Henry VIII and his various wives, after being taken from Cardinal Wolsey in the early 16th century. (Bear with me, I am getting a MA in European History after all)   Many interesting things happened there with Henry VIII

 I picked a gorgeous day to visit, blue skies, some clouds, and even though it was chilly it was still beautiful outside!

As usual, I love it, as well as the free admission due to the fact that I have the Annual Pass and can now go to the Tower, Kensington, Kew, the Banqueting House, and Hampton Court as many times as I want!  

I love this stuff!  I just always think it's so cool t walk around palaces (Or just normal places) where people, including kings and queens, walked 500 years ago!  It's like being on the set of The Tudors (minus the naked people), and if there's no other tourists in the halls, you can almost imagine King Henry or Anne Boleyn, or Jane Seymour walking down to go eat or ride a horse, or some servant carrying candles or something.  Or it could just be me with an overactive imagination fueled by my love of historical novels set in Tudor times...

First week of school:

Well this wasn't the ideal week, as I went to the Dr. on Monday to see why I felt so awful, and her diagnosis was Upper Respiratory Infection....great.... so I had to go home because I was slightly contagious.  And I basically stayed in my room until Thursday morning.  I tried going out for classes on Wednesday and barely made it through the first one before I had to come back and drug myself up again as my body was yelling at me for going out in the chilly weather...  But the class I made it to, The Public Sphere in Britain 1476-1800 does sound very interesting!  (To me...but once again, I am studying for an MA in European History....)  All about literacy, books, pamphlets, speeches, scandals, libel, etc.... it should be fascinating!  And there's only 8 of us in the class, so maybe I will come out of my 'hate to talk in class' shell...?  I also made it out once for about an hour to go sign up for my German class- 4 hours a week... whoo!  I will become fluent in no time...or at least be able to hold a conversation with a 5 year old.

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