Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Winchester Cathedral, etc...

Apologies for the delay in this post but classes began in earnest this week as I am now almost fully recovered from my wonderful upper respiratory infection...

Classes are pretty good, interesting as well.  Monday's class, Crisis and Future in 19th century European Thought, may be a challenge because I do like the theoretical side of things at all.... so this should be a challenge, and hopefully I will step up to it and make at least a 50 on my paper!    (No mom, don't have a heart attack... a 50 is passing and is actually a decent grade)

More on grading, so now one will think I'm crazy when I get excited about a 60-70 on a paper.... I got this off of a website so I'm not entirely sure how accurate it is, never having been through this kind of grading before:
 A first equates to the student having an average of over 70%
An upper second (2:1) is between 60% and 69%
A lower second (2:2) is between 50% and 59%
A third is between 40% and 49%

So, a 60 is actually pretty good I think! 

Now on to my travels of the week.  I had never been to Winchester before so I was pretty excited about my last minute decision to go!  It was either there or Salisbury, but Salisbury will come next...never fear!   

I just always think it's cool when there are cathedrals around that are almost 1000 years old and are still being used and not in ruins!  (Although ruins are pretty cool as well)  And, it's only about 1.5 hours away, give or take a little.  I started out at the Great Hall, with its Round Table.  According to the website,, "Winchester is also famous for the legendary Arthurian Round Table. A striking sight, the table has been housed for over 700 years in The Great Hall - the only remaining part of Winchester Castle, once the centre of court and government life."  However there is some controversy as people say King Arthur looks very much like King Henry VIII...

Not much to see there, just a great hall with the table on one wall, but still very very cool!

The Great Hall
One wall of the Great Hall
Detail of the wall pictured above

This is where the thrones would have been

Queen Eleanor's Garden(redone)
A close up of the round table

another wall...According to the website and guide book, etc... it's one of the largest in England
Another close up of the round table
 "This small doorway probably once led, by a spiral staircase, to the king's chamber, above the porch of the adjacent south door

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