Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Winchester Cont'd

So after I went to the Great Hall, I walked down the main street killing some time because the Cathedral didn't open until around noonish, and it was around 1100, I think.  As I was walking down the street, of course there is a street market going on filled with wonderful vintage and handmade items, but I resisted and only looked!  (Mom you would have been proud, yet tempted as well by some of the things!)   As I got to the Cathedral there was another market going on, a farmer's market!  So I walked around, had a crazy expensive crepe, and bought some blueberry cookies from a man who said Tennessee is on his list of places to see in the US!  

Well I finally got into the Cathedral, free because of this harvest weekend (I picked a good day to visit!), and was instantly amazed.  I love old churches and cathedrals.  It's still used for services even!  The only thing I was bummed about was not being able to see the mortuary chests that included the bones of Ethelwulf and Canute, both kings of England before 1066.... it's a history nerd thing....  

I did, however, see the tomb of Jane Austen for any literary nerds out there!

What I didn't get to see :(

The slightly creepy memorial in the crypt.

Jane Austen's memorial
Jane Austen's grave

And the last thing I did before I left was to visit, The Westgate, which, according to the website, is " the top of Winchester's High Street is a fortified medieval gateway and was a debtors' prison for 150 years. You can still see the prisoners' graffiti on the walls. "  Pretty small, and only took about 5-10 minutes to walk up the stairs, look around, walk up some more stairs, take some pictures and walk back down.  
The Westgate

I also discovered today if you click on a photo, it brings them all up in a slide show!  Enjoy!

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