Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012- London, England

Well Thanksgiving over here was very, very different than any I've had before- even the one I spent alone in Italy...  but this was better because I was not alone!  But it was also not traditional as we (two friends and myself) went to the Hard Rock Cafe...because when you can't have a traditional table-breaking under the amount of food, Thanksgiving, then a restaurant that serves American food is the next best thing!  We would have stayed at our hall, Lillian Penson (LPH) because they were having a Thanksgiving dinner....but the success rate of the food here is not so good, so we didn't want to chance totally ruining Thanksgiving.   I also gave myself a holiday from school because I have never had to go to school or work on Thanksgiving, and so I didn't want to this year :)

For starters we had:

Minus the jalapenos!  (Courtesy of: http://www.praguedining.com/files/user/27/Hard-Rock-Cafe-Food-Nachos-l.jpg)

And this was my meal.  Twisted Mac and Cheese with Chicken.  This is what I get at every single Hard Rock I have been to, all over the world, with very few exceptions.  It is delicious, and I love it- i don't care what anyone says! 
Twisted Mac and Cheese (Courtesy of: http://www.urbaneapts.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/mac-chz.jpg)

   It was a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with two friends!

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