Saturday, March 30, 2013

Scotland Day 3, February 12th- Loch Ness!

This was our day trip to Loch Ness- a very long, yet interesting trip!

The bus left Edinburgh around 8am, and there's not much to say about the bus trip, except that our driver/guide was awesome and very informative about the area we were passing through!  It was about an 8 hour drive up, and then back, with a stop here and there for pictures, etc...

The first stop was at a gift shop/rest stop for a few minutes for a bathroom trip and to buy souvenirs...which of course I did.  This was in the Trossachs National Park and was stunning!  It actually looks like Colorado does, or really anywhere in the West that has snowy mountains.

Back on the bus, we went through some really pretty scenery, but the highlight was that we rove by Doune Castle!  I wish we could have stopped, but we didn't :(   For those who don't know, this was the castle that the Monty Python crew filmed a lot of scenes from Monty Python and Holy Grail in!

We had another photo stop, I forget what the mountains are called, but it was really pretty!  And really cold...

So then we finally get to the Loch Ness area, and there is just enough time to go on the hour long boat ride (pre-paid...there had better have been time....)  It was an absolutely gorgeous day for this!  We really lucked out with the weather.

Sadly, there was no sighting of Nessie, although the Captain is a true believer, and has been for about 30 years.  He had some interesting stories and pictures of his ventures out looking for her, and any of her relatives!

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