Saturday, April 13, 2013

Devin Comes to Visit Day 1

Well Devin decided he wanted to visit London- so he flew over for a a week's vacation and I got to show him around London, and we visited Paris for 2 days!

He got in Thursday morning around 1030, and I immediately whisked him off to LPH to drop his bags of before we set out for the British Museum.  He came with one cabin sized suitcase for the entire week- clearly we travel differently!

I allowed him to rest for a few minutes before we headed out, but no sleeping!  Worst thing you can do after flying in to a place in the morning is to lay down and go to sleep!   So we got moving and went over to the British Museum since it is just down the street from my school, and I had class at 3.  The main thing that he wanted to see was the Easter Island statue since he has previously traveled there, and heard the guide talk about this particular statue.

So from this we went to see all of the typical things one goes to see- the Rosetta Stone, the Elgin Marbles, various Egyptian and ancient Mesopotamian items, ancient Greek and Roman things, etc.... Pretty standard museum stuff- except that this is the British Museum, and everything in it is awesome!  To me at least!  So we spent a few hours there until I had to leave to go to class, leaving Devin to wander around Tottenham Court Road (Just parallel to school) and experience some British pubs- which he has some interesting stories about.  

That was all the sightseeing we did that day- I managed to get out of class early, took a little detour to show him Mr. Jeremy Bentham, and then we headed back to LPH to rest up because we were seeing Spamalot that night!  I believe I was more excited than he was at this point, as he was pretty exhausted.  I can be slightly overwhelming when showing people tourist things that I love :)    

So we went out to dinner near Charing Cross and then headed down the road to the theater!  I'm glad I picked such an uplifting play- Devin would have been passed out on the floor if it had been anything less!  But we ended up getting out not so great seats changed into pretty decent seats, and he ended up really enjoying it!

 As this was my second time seeing it, I knew what was happening and what to expect, but it was still funny because either the actors were improvising, or someone was acting funny in the audience because they kept trying not to laugh- a few times they did not succeed, but that made it even better!

 This is one of the best parts of the play- the song....not the event-they didn't crucify people!

So that was day 1. On to Day 2- lots of walking and seeing London!

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