Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 3- Bath and Stonehenge

This was another long day, but at least there were moments of train/bus rides to relax instead of walking 100% of the time.

We took the 830am train to Bath, which conveniently left from Paddington Station, getting into Bath around 10ish am.  First thing on the to-do list was go see the Roman Baths.  While this was my 4th time seeing them, it was Devin's first so it's always fun going to see something with someone who has never seen it before- it's almost like it's the first time your seeing it to!

Trying the Spa Water

We were walking along, and in the East Baths area, a lady that worked there, just came up to us as we were looking at one of the baths and starting talking to us about it and the history- for like 10-15 min or so, it was pretty interesting!   We talked to another employee about the main bath, and she shared the info that fracking might endanger the baths in the near future.   Also pretty interesting.

We didn't have to meet our bus to Stonehenge until , so from the Baths we wandered over the Bath Abbey, which is absolutely gorgeous!  There was a little choir practicing while we were there, and they sounded amazing- not sure if they were just really good, or if it had to do with the how the abbey was laid out (acoustics? I'm not a music person...) or a combination or what, but it was pretty pretty.

After that it was off to lunch at this little restaurant that was on the square where the Baths and the Abbey were located- where I had a chicken salad sandwich, and got the best surprise- real, crispy, delicious bacon!  The bacon was gone in about 5 seconds.  The rest of the food was good also :)

We finally caught our tour bus to Stonehenge, takes about an hour or so to get there.  Lucky us- while it was fairly cold, it did not snow or rain while we were there!  Once again, this was my 3rd time visiting, but still really cool!  How can you think ancient mysterious stones aren't cool?!   We ended up in the souvenir store, of course, but when we got off the bus there was apparently a bag mix up which we didn't realize until we got back to my room- some women got Devin's souvenirs and he got some sheep-themed things- it was pretty funny.

All in all, a good day!

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